1 80 Ms 2019-07-07 Municipat Administration & Urban Devetopment Municipatity, Medchat Matkajgiri District - Division of twenty eight (28) wards - Final Notif ication - Orders Department - Boduppal Boduppat Municipatity into lssued. Download/View
2 2717 Circular 2019-05-20 Verification of details of ownership in municipal areas - PTIN and VLTA Download/View
3 27511 Roc 2019-04-16 Rebate of 5% on Property tax payment for the current year dues paid by 30.04.2019 - Encouragement of early birds and also improve revenue by the ULBs Download/View
4 223 Rt 2019-03-11 National Green Tribunal, New Delhi - Orders dated 16.01.2019 in OA No 606/2018 - Constituting Special Task Force in the districts to oversee the implementation of Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 Download/View
5 182 Rt 2019-02-21 House Service Connections – Providing House Service Connections (HSCs) at Rs. 1/- per connection to all domestic HSCs for BDLs and all other HSCs at Rs.100/- orders. Download/View
6 835 Circular 2019-01-30 Awards - Applying for awards/recognition instituted by private agencies Download/View
7 59 Ms 2018-05-21 Certain relaxations/concessions in respect of reservation of works to SC/ST Contractors in Public works Download/View
8 97 Ms 2018-04-28 Empowering the Municipal Commissioners of all the ULBs for sanction of civil works on nomination basis (Roads & Drains) up to Rs.5.00 Lakhs duly amending G.O.Ms.No.719, MA & UD (TC.2) Dept, dt.18.10.2008 Download/View
9 93 Ms 2018-04-18 The Telangana Municipal Laws (Amendment) Act, 2018 (Act No 4 of 2018) - Date of commencement of the law Act -Notified Download/View
10 63 Ms 2018-03-20 Parking Policy for Hyderabad and Urban Areas of Telangana State - Regulation of Parking Fee in Commercial Establishments Download/View
11 39 Rt 2018-03-15 Policy and Guidelines for provision of Mobile communication facility to State Government and Local Government Officials – 2018 Download/View
12 51 Ms 2018-03-13 Infrastructure Development in Urban Local Bodies - Assistance to Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) from TUFIDC-Implementation Download/View
13 40 Rt 2018-01-20 Implementation of the Financial Bid Capacity for the works costing Rs.5.00 Lakhs and above up to Rs. 50.00 Lakhs on par with the value of works Rs. 50.00 Lakhs and above in all urban local bodies in the state - Relaxations of G.O.Ms.No.94, I&CAD (PW-COD) Department, Date: 01.07.2013 - Permission Download/View
14 436 Roc 2017-12-04 TUFIDC - Permission granted by Government to obtain loan for an amount of Rs.2000.00 cr from various financial institution to take up project in ULBs-Vijaya Bank sanctioned a term loan of Rs.500 crores Download/View
15 14 Ms 2017-09-18 eProcurement Project – New Version of eProcurement Application - Development of New Version of eProcurement and eAuction Application – Go-Live of New Version of eProcurement Application w.e.f. 03.10.2017 Download/View
16 33 Memo 2017-08-08 On Going Works Contracts - Implementation of GST for payment of bills in respect of works executed on and after 1-7-2017-further instructions Download/View
17 208 Ms 2017-08-05 Telangana Municipalities (Conduct of Election of Members) Rules, 2005 - Certain amendments Download/View
18 195 Ms 2017-07-20 Amendments to the Telangana Municipal Corporations (conduct of election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor) Rules, 2005 Download/View
19 194 Ms 2017-07-20 Amendments to the Telangana Municipalities (conduct of election of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson) Rules, 2005 Download/View
20 194 Ms 2017-07-20 Amendments to the Telangana Municipalities conduct an election of (Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson) Rules, 2005 Download/View
21 173 Ms 2017-06-17 Public Health and Municipal Engineering Department - Enhancement of Technical sanction Powers to Public Health and municipal Engineers Download/View
22 826 Circular 2017-06-16 Ban on Purchase of Vehicles - Procedure for hiring of the vehicles and enhancement of hire charges Download/View
23 337 Rt 2017-06-12 e-Procurement - Reduction of Tenders Notice Time from 14 days to 7 days in ULBs and PHED works Download/View
24 293 Rt 2017-05-19 Study of various Possible reforms in the ULBs in the state - Constitution of Reforms Committee at State Level Download/View
25 91 Ms 2017-03-25 Entrustment of works costing below Rs.5.00 Lakhs by the registered Contractors/Self Help Groups/Ward level committee/Resident Welfare Association (RWA) on nomination basis in all ULBs in the state Download/View
26 1 Ms 2017-01-01 The Telangana Prevention of disfigurement of open places and prohibition of obscene and objectionable and advertisements act, 1997 (Act No.28/1997) - Empowering the officers to remove, erase or otherwise pull-down any objectionable advertisement. Download/View
27 79 Ms 2016-12-30 Plastic Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2016 issued under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 Ban on manufacture, stock, sale and use of plastic carry bags less than 50 microns in thickness Download/View
28 89 Ms 2016-12-27 Additional Advocate General, State of Telangana Determination of remuneration Download/View
29 298 Ms 2016-12-20 The Telangana Municipalities (Levy of Property tax with Penalty on unauthorized constructions) Rules, 2016 Download/View
30 155 Ms 2016-05-30 Ease of Doing Business – Collection of Mutation fee at the time of transfer of property - Authorization to Sub Registrars of Registration & Stamps Department Download/View
31 372 Rt 2016-05-24 Provision of House Service Connections (HSCs) at Rs.1/- only instead of Rs.200/- to the BPL Households in the limits of all ULBs - Partial modification of the earlier orders issued in G.O.Ms.NO.515,MA&UD(A1) Dept., dt.25.7.2008 Download/View
32 7 Ms 2016-05-01 Amendments to Building Rules 2012 Download/View
33 102 Ms 2016-04-11 Constitution of Boduppal Gram Panchayat as Boduppal Municipality duly merging Chengicherla Grampanchayat of Rangareddy District Download/View
34 14 Ms 2016-02-19 Contracting and Outsourcing of Certain Services in Government Departments – Enhancement of Remuneration Download/View
35 14 Ms 2016-02-19 Contracting and Outsourcing of Certain Services in Government Departments – Enhancement of Remuneration Download/View
36 14 Ms 2016-02-19 Contracting and Outsourcing of Certain Services in Government Departments – Enhancement of Remuneration Download/View
37 7 Ms 2016-01-05 Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department – Amendments to Building Rules 2012 Download/View
38 142 Ms 2015-10-29 The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014 – The Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1965 (Act No.6 of 1965) - Adaptation to the State of Telangana Download/View
39 96 Ms 2015-08-05 Comprehensive Guide Lines for Issue of Clearance for Installation New Telecommunication Infrastructure Towers – Revised Orders Download/View
40 95 Ms 2015-07-30 Reduction of Transfer Duty on Gift Deeds from 1.5% to 0.5% in favour of relatives as defined under sec 56(2) of I.T Act. 1961 Government (State & Central) and Local Bodies, Urban Development Authorities under the A.P Municipality Act, 1965, AP Municipal Corporation Act, 1994 and GHMC Act, 1955 Download/View
41 61 Ms 2015-03-24 Mayors/Chairperson, Deputy Mayors/Vice-Chairperson, Corporators / Ward Members - Enhancement of Honorarium including Conveyance Allowance Download/View
42 43 Ms 2015-02-11 Supreme Court of India – Writ Petition (civil) No 309 of 2003 with WP (C) No.330 of 2001, WP (C)No.44 of 2004 and WP (C)No.688 of 2007 and SLP (Civil) No. 14121/2009 – Direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for constitution of Committees for Effective management of Slaughter Houses in the State Download/View
43 20 Ms 2014-12-31 Telangana Compulsory Registration of Marriages act, 2002 - Appointments of Registrar General of marriages, District Registrar of marriage and Marriage Officers Download/View
44 16 Ms 2014-12-23 Andhra Pradesh Compulsory Registration of Marriages act, 2002 (Act No. 15 of 2002) - Adaptation to the state of Telangana. Download/View
45 5 Ms 2014-09-27 Comprehensive guide lines for issue of clearance for installation of New Telecommunication Infrastructure Towers. Download/View
46 520 Ms 2013-07-01 Observance of Protocol by the Government Officials in dealing with Legislators and other VVIPs during the functions organized by Government/Local Bodies - Orders issued from time to time - Consolidated Download/View
47 198 Ms 2013-05-15 Governance for results – Recommendations of 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission – Citizen’s Charter to be published and implemented by the Urban Local Bodies Download/View
48 172 Ms 2013-04-30 Construction of Shopping Complexes under good will auction basis - Reservation of 10% of shops in all Urban Local Bodies and Urban Development Authorities to Town Level Federations/Slum Level Federations in the State Download/View
49 132 Ms 2013-03-28 The Andhra Pradesh State Property Tax Board - Work Plan for Financial Year 2013- 14 – Approved Download/View
50 24 Ms 2013-03-22 Handloom Sector Promotion Policy - Reservation for Compulsory Procurement of cloth from Andhra Pradesh State Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society Limited (APCO) by Government Departments Download/View
51 16 Ms 2013-01-16 Andhra Pradesh Transitional Area and Smaller Urban Areas (Fixation of criteria) Rules, 2013 Download/View
52 245 Ms 2012-06-30 Levy of Shelter Fee for Redevelopment /Improvement / Rehabilitation of slums under Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) programme and for undertaking civic amenities in slums and weaker section colonies - Provision of EWS/LIG Housing units in all housing projects (both public and private Agencies) – Amendments to Rule-11 of the Andhra Pradesh Building Rules, 2012 and other Download/View
53 168 Ms 2012-04-07 Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department – Andhra Pradesh Building Rules, 2012 Download/View
54 1403 Rt 2007-11-23 Role and responsibilities of various functionaries working in ULBs. Download/View
55 63 Ms 2006-02-18 Andhra Pradesh Municipalities (Inclusion or Exclusion of areas into/ from the limits of Municipalities/ Nagar Panchayats), Rules, 2006 Download/View
56 142 Ms 2004-12-20 Streamlining of Tender reforms - Amendment Download/View
57 133 Ms 2004-11-20 Amendment to para (13)(i) Annexure -1 to Go.Ms.No.94, I&CAD department dated 01.07.2003 Download/View
58 171 Ms 2004-05-01 Introduction of e-procurement for all purchases costing Rs. 10.00 Lakhs and above taken up with Government funds in the Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department - Implementation of e-procurement system for the works/materials costing more than Rs. 1.00 Lakh Download/View
59 47 Ms 2003-03-03 A.P. Water Land and Trees Act and Rules thereon – Designation of implementing agencies for effective implementation of the Act Download/View
60 31 Ms 1995-02-03 Andhra Pradesh Municipalities (Division of Nagar Panchayats & Municipalities into wards) Rules, 1994 Download/View